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The FBI told them a Missile hit the Pentagon - German Officials Claim

flight 175 closeup of plane
New photo of flight 175. observe the bulge on the left side of the fuselage, also the lines on the bottom of the plane as compared to a boeing 767

This site shows the difference in the paint job and appearance of the underbelly of the plane.

wtc plane pod wtc plane tower 911 video missile flash THE FLASH

POD closeup 911 plane POD flight 175 flash

south tower plane September 11

video still 175 wtc plane video September 11

enlargements and stills from the video at www.letsroll911.org (through various filters)
no comments really here, just doing the stills for the viewer to see.
i have not looked at the details into the idea of a missile that has been proposed, so will not comment in depth about it.
I do not see proof of a missile here though. I am not totally dismissing it, just not commenting

Nose of the plane before striking the tower.
I used photoshop to do the enhancements. The video is fairly poor resolution for this size still. I still can not figure out what the white part is on the nose of the plane. It seems too square to bereflection from the sun.

flight 175 world trade center

September 11 WTC missile flash plane pod plane flash 175 9/11 pod

The white object in front of the plane here, i believe is a ghost from the next frame in the video sequence.

Does this plane have windows?

flight 175 plane photo

no windows flight 175 world trade center plane

wtc plane fake photo sept 11

more on this last photo here...
flight 175 video and photo analysis

and here...

9/11 photo flight 175

last 3 photos are from hereisnewyork.org

WTC Buldge 9/11 the POD flight 175 anomaly

New news from the anomaly on flight 175
a new forum at Democratic Underground page about www.amics21.com
discussing previously unseen video (NEW?) of flight 175 just before hitting the tower.

Jack Blood review...
After reviewing the video from www.letsroll911.org , JackBlood.com has analyzed the flash emitted by the tip of the pod located below the airliner. Webmaster Mario Andrade, a Gulf War veteran an explosive ordinance specialist, has noticed remarkable similarities between the pod and a military-type general purpose (GP) bomb, such as the commonly used Mark 84 (MK-84).

letsroll911.org has posed the possibility that it was a KC767 tanker?

on this photo are the 2 objects in green KC-767, related to the objects circled in black here ?

Sun vs. the South Tower Plane

911: In Plane Site has a good analysis. You can download a video trailer.

Wtc 2 Plane Pod - 9/11 Review


9/11 theories news video and photo analysis
9-11 Review

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